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The therapists at Children's Support Solutions have exceeded my expectations for speech and behaviour therapy. We have seen improvement in our son’s ability to communicate his needs, respond to requests and understand limitations.

Sonia G, Toronto

Our daughter emerged from her own world with the help of a speech therapists at Children's Support Solutions. They also armed us with strategies that have helped make parenting a little less stressful.

Matt L. Aurora

Therapy and education services for children

For over 15 years, Morneau Shepell’s Children’s Support Solutions has provided therapy and education services for children and youth. We work in collaboration with parents, schools and caregivers to identify our clients’ needs and help them reach their potential.

Children’s Support Solutions is a division of Morneau Shepell. Celebrating nearly 50 years in service, Morneau Shepell is the world’s largest provider of health, behaviour and productivity solutions. We help over half a million people each year through therapy, education and coaching services.

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Our inter-professional team are experts in development, behaviour, and education. Our therapy and education programs are customized to the unique needs of each child or youth to help them reach their potential. Our professionals are trained and certified in a wide range of disciplines, including:

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Improving Transitions for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

by Laura Dutfield Daily routine is filled with various transitions as we move from task to task or location to location. For children on the Autism spectrum, these transitions can often produce anxiety and be accompanied by challenging behaviours. Luckily, there are a number of helpful tools to increase predictability and create structure in daily life.

Holiday Shopping: What are Trending vs What Our Kids Need?

by Laura Goldenberg If you are a parent you might have spent the last few weeks, or even months, chasing down all the trends for this year’s latest and greatest children’s toys.  Visit any parenting page or group on Facebook at this moment and you will find desperate parents bidding their life savings to get

The Importance of Posture and Positioning for Handwriting

The Importance of Posture and Positioning for Handwriting  by Ashley Cooper The other evening, I was at restaurant having dinner. I should have been enjoying the five course meal that was being prepared by the chef but instead I just could not get comfortable in my chair. The stool was too high from the floor

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