Does your child need some extra help to reach their potential? Bring them in for a free screening by a childhood development expert to get a better sense for what they need to succeed. Contact us today for a FREE 20-minute screening for your child by one of our child development experts. Reasons you may

Watch our webinar “Raising a bilingual child: The top five myths” If you missed our “Raising a bilingual child: The top five myths” webinar with Dr. Caroline Erdos and Mary Jose Guerrier you can watch it here: Your Hosts: Dr. Caroline Erdos, Speech Language Pathologist and Mary Jose Guerrier, Program Manager with Morneau Shepell. Myths

A guide to the benefits of interprofessional care for families & children   Our latest guide on the benefits of an interprofessional approach to care for children and teens is now available. Download your copy today! An interprofessional approach looks like this: 1+1=3. This means that for a child who needs behaviour, speech and occupational

Watch our latest webinar: Tips from a principal If you missed our “Tips from a principal: How to advocate for your child at school” webinar with Nancy Lerner and Allison Leach you can watch it here: Your Hosts: Nancy Lerner, Educational Consultant and Allison Leach, Ontario Certified Teacher Nancy Lerner holds a Master’s degree in Communicative

What can an Occupational Therapist do for my child? Have you ever wondered what an “Occupational Therapist (OT)” does? And what about OTs that work with children? You may have heard of OTs that work in schools, children’s hospitals or private children’s clinics. Or maybe someone has recommended that your child see an Occupational Therapist

In support of Autism Awareness Month, we are spreading the word on what autism is and how to help children with autism reach their potential. In Ontario over 70,000 people have Autism and more broadly it affects 1 in 150 children. Autism is a complex neurological disorder Autism usually appears during the first three years