How to help a child who is being bullied Question: My child is being bullied. Sometimes he ends up responding to the bullying in a way that makes the bullying worse or that lands him in trouble at school. How can I help him to respond in ways that will be helpful, not harmful? Answer:

We’re thrilled to have Shauna Markowitz M.ADS, BCBA, Senior Therapist and Behaviour Consultant, back to Children’s Support Solutions after a maternity leave! Shauna is a long-time member of the Children’s Support Solutions team and has worked diligently in her time with the organization to build our Behaviour Therapy offerings. Shauna has over ten years’ experience

What is Applied Behaviour Analysis? Given the recent increase in the prevalence and awareness of autism and other developmental disabilities, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is becoming more common now than ever. It is often recommended by health care professionals and teachers as a treatment for a variety of behaviours. But what is ABA, and how

During a child’s first five years of life, she is starting to explore books and to learn about writing and reading. From grades one to three, a great majority of a child’s time at school is spent learning to read. From grade four and onward a child is using her reading skills and is reading to