Family mealtimes provide a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your children. Sharing meals together is one of the earliest social experiences your child will encounter and this can help to shape their participation in family and social routines as they grow. But what do you do when your child won’t eat? Having a ‘picky

When school’s out, we’re in for an action filled day of activities. Children will explore the world of crafts, games, and special activities while developing new friendships. Our Winter Camp Program at Children’s Support Solutions is designed to foster social skills and enable our campers to form long lasting friendships. We work on specific group

by Ashley Cooper & Ashley Rego According to the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada, 1 in 10 Canadians have a learning disability. A learning disability can be described as a gap between the level of achievement that is expected and what is actually achieved. Contrary to popular belief, learning disabilities can affect people with average