Importance of mind-body connection As a parent, you know the importance of minimizing stress to raise healthy and well-adjusted children. You try your best to provide the extra-curricular activities that will enhance your child’s interests. You foster their learning and emotional intelligence by offering books, friendships and summer camps.  Another tremendous gift you could offer

Over the summer holidays, students are at risk of a significant loss of academic skills.  Studies have indicated that this loss can be the equivalent of a month of instruction, as well as up to two months for students from disadvantaged areas.  When school starts again, the student therefore has to dedicate a substantial amount

Help your child (and yourself) understand what is going on Children, like adults, benefit from psychology services to either identify the source of a behavioral, emotional or a learning problem, or to help them develop strategies for coping with stressful events. Josh, a 10 year-old boy in grade 4, is a friendly child who was

Your child’s language: tips and strategies to support its development! As parents, it isn’t always easy to be sure whether our children are meeting the expected language milestones.  It can be even harder to know what to do if we do notice signs of a language delay.  If you’ve ever felt this way, the following