Reading is a gateway through which children can explore and engage with the words on a page, as well as advance skills that are essential to school success and development. Your child has worked hard all school year to achieve his or her current literacy levels. Finding ways to encourage your children to read throughout

Parents and caregivers play a considerable role in the development of early language skills. There are many things that you can do to help your child increase their language and communication abilities. These strategies can be used with children who have typical or delayed language development. PLAY Your child’s job for the first few years

Now that school is out, and summer is officially here, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the beautiful weather while staying active with your kids. From swimming, biking, walking and hiking to visits to the park or playing games in the backyard – there are endless ways to stay active and have fun. But

Over the last few months, Children Support Solutions has welcomed the LiteGait partial weight bearing therapy support system to our clinic in Toronto. Along with a slow-paced treadmill, the LiteGait serves as a harness system which supports the child and decreases the amount of weight they have to support while practicing walking. This allows the