It’s that time of the year again! Time to scour the stores (or websites) to search for the perfect holiday gifts for your child. When choosing a toy, the most important thing to consider is how your child will engage with it. Ideally, the toy should encourage your child to actively participate in what makes

Fall is here and with it comes a completely new world of sensory experiences for you and your family to enjoy! With the warm weather ending, you may be wondering how you will fill all that time spent swinging at the park, digging in the sandbox or bounding through the splash pad. With all the

Fall is finally here and with it comes a whole new world of sensory experiences for you and your family to enjoy! With the warm weather coming to an end, you may be wondering how you will fill all that time spent swinging at the park, digging in the sandbox or bounding through the splash

Over the last few months, Children Support Solutions has welcomed the LiteGait partial weight bearing therapy support system to our clinic in Toronto. Along with a slow-paced treadmill, the LiteGait serves as a harness system which supports the child and decreases the amount of weight they have to support while practicing walking. This allows the

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the most common cause of acquired disability in a child’s developmental age, and the effect of a TBI is different at all ages. An interdisciplinary approach can give a child their best chance of recovery by targeting their specific needs. Here’s how the various disciplines work as a unit to

Some children have difficulty getting started on tasks and organizing materials, whether it’s their bedrooms, lockers or homework papers. These skills are referred to as executive functioning skills and include skills related to organization, time management; planning, impulse control, cognitive flexibility, and ability to self-monitor one’s work. Our occupational therapist Keltie Morrison shares tips to

The Importance of Posture and Positioning for Handwriting  by Ashley Cooper The other evening, I was at restaurant having dinner. I should have been enjoying the five course meal that was being prepared by the chef but instead I just could not get comfortable in my chair. The stool was too high from the floor

by Laura Goldenberg If you are a parent you might have spent the last few weeks, or even months, chasing down all the trends for this year’s latest and greatest children’s toys.  Visit any parenting page or group on Facebook at this moment and you will find desperate parents bidding their life savings to get

Family mealtimes provide a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your children. Sharing meals together is one of the earliest social experiences your child will encounter and this can help to shape their participation in family and social routines as they grow. But what do you do when your child won’t eat? Having a ‘picky

by Ashley Cooper & Ashley Rego According to the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada, 1 in 10 Canadians have a learning disability. A learning disability can be described as a gap between the level of achievement that is expected and what is actually achieved. Contrary to popular belief, learning disabilities can affect people with average

Top 10 occupational therapy tips for your school-aged child One of our wonderful occupational therapists, Keltie Morrison, shares tips to help your child in school. Positioning: when in class or at home, make sure kids’ feet are supported when seated. Poor posture and balance can happen when feet are dangling. Establish organization and routine: plan

Working with an interprofessional team As a parent, you do everything you can to encourage and provide the foundation your child needs to reach their potential. But what happens if your child is struggling with a developmental or genetic disorder, or mental health concern? What are the common issues to accessing services? How can an

Help your child learn to ride a bike Riding a bicycle can be an important rite of passage for a child. Learning to ride a bike can be a scary and overwhelming adventure for both parents and children alike! When thinking about helping your child to learn to ride a bike, consider what may make

If you are a parent whose child struggles with bullying, it may be difficult to know who you can turn to for help. Fortunately, at a place like Children’s Support Solutions, there are a lot of different providers who can offer their expertise to help regarding many of the issues involved. Parents can feel comfortable knowing that we can identify these concerns and treat the whole child—all under one roof.

A guide to the benefits of interprofessional care for families & children   Our latest guide on the benefits of an interprofessional approach to care for children and teens is now available. Download your copy today! An interprofessional approach looks like this: 1+1=3. This means that for a child who needs behaviour, speech and occupational

What can an Occupational Therapist do for my child? Have you ever wondered what an “Occupational Therapist (OT)” does? And what about OTs that work with children? You may have heard of OTs that work in schools, children’s hospitals or private children’s clinics. Or maybe someone has recommended that your child see an Occupational Therapist

Did you know that 1 in 10 Canadians has a learning disability? Ranging from mild to severe, learning disabilities can include challenges with reading, writing, mathematics and concepts related to time. Mild learning disabilities often go undiagnosed leading to challenges in the classroom and the assumption that the child is unmotivated, lazy or unintelligent. In