Social initiations, interacting with others, expressing emotions, and following directions are a few of many social skills. These skills, which are an integral part of a child`s development allow us to learn how to live with others and adapt to different situations in life. Social skills need to be learned through interactions with others. They

Welcome to the digital age. In the digital age, cyber addiction and its consequences are an issue at the heart of our society. A recent study shows that about 1.5 to 2% of the population suffers from cyber addiction. While most people spend about 25 hours per week on the internet, teenagers who suffer from cyber

Keeping your kids healthy and happy with tasty nutrition for kids! By Patricia Boychuck, RN, DOHN Healthy meals and snacks are essential elements in supporting your child’s overall growth and optimal health and development. Nutritious foods keep young minds sharp, provide energy to stay focused while at school and during play, and build strong muscles and

Torticollis and plagiocephaly are two very common conditions seen by physiotherapy. As these conditions are quite treatable and often preventable, early intervention is key to supporting good outcomes. What is torticollis? Torticollis is an imbalance in muscle strength and range of motion, causing one side of the neck to be tight. This leads to a

Everyone wants their children to have friends, have positive social interactions at school and be liked by their peers, but we do not necessarily practice the skills needed to be a good friend at home. Lauren Robinson, speech-language pathologist, shares skills that can be modeled at home between you and your children to teach these

For some children, they seem to pick up on social skills naturally and without much support. For many children, however, being accepted and making friends can be one of the hardest parts about school. They may struggle with certain social skills that need to be explicitly taught by parents, their teachers and/or professionals. While we

Toilet training can be a difficult endeavor for parents.  When do you start?  How do you know when to start?  What do you do first?  How do you know if your child understands what you are trying to have them do?  There are so many questions and with them come many answers from any number

Our Preschool JK/SK program continues to make a difference in the lives of our clients and families. Incorporating the family, and your child’s clinicians in various areas, allows us to create an individualized program, incorporating all techniques/strategies and recommendations into their daily living. Our program is designed to prepare children for a successful integration into

Importance of mind-body connection As a parent, you know the importance of minimizing stress to raise healthy and well-adjusted children. You try your best to provide the extra-curricular activities that will enhance your child’s interests. You foster their learning and emotional intelligence by offering books, friendships and summer camps.  Another tremendous gift you could offer

Teachers are required to not only teach and report on academic achievement – they are also required to do the same regarding your child’s social and emotional intelligence. Teachers assess, evaluate and report on achievement of curriculum expectations and on the demonstration of learning skills and work habits. In order to do this, they also must teach

‘Tis the season to give thanks, so thank you for your confidence in Children’s Support Solutions! It has been our pleasure to work with your family and to be a part of your child’s development. The things you say and do, at home in your daily lives—such as when you talk about the activities they do

When school’s out, we’re in for an action filled day of activities. Children will explore the world of crafts, games, and special activities while developing new friendships. Our Winter Camp Program at Children’s Support Solutions is designed to foster social skills and enable our campers to form long lasting friendships. We work on specific group

Whether your child is starting school for the first time or returning after a summer break, the start of the school year brings a great deal of excitement, together with some anxiety and stress. A little planning and preparation can ease much of the uncertainty and help to make the first day an enjoyable experience

Three ways parents can encourage positive social development Many parents express concern regarding the social development of their children, seeking ways to augment positive social skills. In Dimensions of Early Childhood (2010), social skills are defined as ‘behaviours that promote positive interaction with others and the environment’. Though many children develop these skills naturally, some

The aftermath of having a child receive an autism diagnosis can feel like a whirlwind of emotions, as well as a whirlwind of acronyms. Many different acronyms start popping up such as: ASD, DFO, IBI, and ABA. If your child has moderate to severe Autism, your doctor or psychologist may refer you to your regional

Our summer camps in Toronto, Aurora (Ontario) and Westmount (Quebec) are fun, convenient, affordable and inclusive of all abilities! Join us for a day full of fun activities! Our team of early childhood educators and health professionals will work with our campers on creative program activities. 1:1 support: Children who require dedicated support than, more than

Dates: July 4th – July 8th & August 22nd – August 26th Times: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm (extended hours available) Clientele: 4 – 8 years Location: Westmount Clinic Program: Join us for a day full of fun activities in our Westmount location! Our team of professionals and early child educators will work with our

Summer time learning and therapy specials Already a Children’s Support Solutions customer in Quebec or planning to become one? Enjoy our blocks of therapy hours at special rates for the summer, at our Quebec clinics only. For use from June 15 to September 15 and save 10% to 25 % depending on the package chosen. Register now!

ABA vs. IBI: What is the difference? The aftermath of having a child receive an autism diagnosis can feel like a whirlwind of emotions, as well as a whirlwind of acronyms. Many different acronyms start popping up such as: ASD, DFO, IBI, ABA, and TPAS. What do they all mean? We will attempt to help

Introducing Mindy Emm of the Children’s Treatment Network Parenting is not easy. We are here to help and to introduce your family to other great parenting resources in our communities. We’re excited to introduce you to Mindy Emm of the Children’s Treatment Network of Simcoe York. Tell us a little bit about where you grew up

In support of World Autism Awareness Day, we are spreading the word on what autism is and how to help children with autism reach their potential. In Ontario over 70,000 people have Autism and more broadly it affects 1 in 150 children. Our therapy team wore blue for the eighth annual World Autism Awareness Day, April

We’re thrilled to have Shauna Markowitz M.ADS, BCBA, Senior Therapist and Behaviour Consultant, back to Children’s Support Solutions after a maternity leave! Shauna is a long-time member of the Children’s Support Solutions team and has worked diligently in her time with the organization to build our Behaviour Therapy offerings. Shauna has over ten years’ experience

Does your child need some extra help to reach their potential? Bring them in for a free screening by a childhood development expert to get a better sense for what they need to succeed. Contact us today for a FREE 20-minute screening for your child by one of our child development experts. Reasons you may

What can an Occupational Therapist do for my child? Have you ever wondered what an “Occupational Therapist (OT)” does? And what about OTs that work with children? You may have heard of OTs that work in schools, children’s hospitals or private children’s clinics. Or maybe someone has recommended that your child see an Occupational Therapist

In support of Autism Awareness Month, we are spreading the word on what autism is and how to help children with autism reach their potential. In Ontario over 70,000 people have Autism and more broadly it affects 1 in 150 children. Autism is a complex neurological disorder Autism usually appears during the first three years

Understanding Down Syndrome: resources for new parents We love to help, and most importantly, we want to share how we can help with parents whenever we can. Recently, we received this question by email by one of our community supporters: “I am wondering if you can direct me to some great resources on behalf of

The purpose of our Parent Advocacy Guidebook is to help parents advocate for, document and track the needs of their children who have special needs. This handbook was created as a guidebook to help parents ask questions, get information and record information about their child’s needs. It is our intention that this guidebook will evolve

Join us for ‘Advocating for your child’ – a free online event with Ann Douglas, Canadian parenting and mental health author. Advocacy Event Description This event features advocacy strategies for parents who have a child with a behavioural, neurodevelopmental, or mental challenge. Topics to be discussed include record keeping for advocacy purposes, navigating the health

New Location We’re relocating to a new, more accessible, private location in Toronto Mid-town On Tuesday, April 7th, Children’s Support Solutions’ Toronto clinic is relocating to a more accessible and private location – just 7 kilometers southeast of our current location at The Links Plaza. As you may know, the existing Toronto clinic opened over

For some children, dealing with transitions or changes to their routine can be tricky. Our child development experts weigh-in on how to help your child transition happily in the new year. Consistency is key! Try to keep major parts of routines consistent (e.g. wake-up and bedtime) you can help reduce the number of schedule adjustments

Saturday Speech Appointments We aim to meet your needs – with clinical excellence and convenient appointment times. Many of our clinics now offer Speech-Language Pathology appointments on Saturdays. If your child could benefit from working with a speech-language pathologist and Saturdays are the most convenient for you – call us at 1-866-653-2397 or send us

Summer is here, and we have packages of hours available at reduced rates with flexible clinic hours and schedules to accommodate your vacation dates and family activities. Keep your child learning and engaged with sessions focused on: reading; writing; math; self-confidence; behaviour; preparation for high school; and more! Learn more about our summer rates Learn

Welcome! If you are looking for the Collage Pediatric Therapy website, don’t worry, you’re in the right place. Morneau Shepell acquired Collage Pediatric Therapy to expand the services offered to children and families in October 2013. The multidisciplinary therapy services for children you’ve experienced through Collage are now being delivered by Morneau Shepell under the