Keeping kids active in the summer

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Now that school is out, and summer is officially here, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the beautiful weather while staying active with your kids.

Toddler and mother playing together indoors in the summer

From swimming, biking, walking and hiking to visits to the park or playing games in the backyard – there are endless ways to stay active and have fun.
But what about the days that it rains or is too hot to play outside? This past week’s heat wave had us here at Children Support Solutions thinking – how do we keep our kiddos active when have to stay inside, but still want to keep the summer fun going?

Here is a list of activities to try when you need to stay indoors during the summer:

  1. Homemade obstacle courses: Use pillows, couch cushions, and toys to create an obstacle course throughout your basement or living room. Try having your child walk over the pillows to practice their balance, crawl under forts, or jump off of small steps stools.
  2. Use the stairs:
    • One of our all-time favourite strengthening activities at the clinic is using the stairs! Take a puzzle board and place it at the bottom while putting all of the pieces at the top. Have your kiddo walk or crawl on all fours up and down the stairs to retrieve the puzzle pieces one at a time. You can even time them to see if they can do it faster a second time – just make sure they stay safe!
  3. Baking:Family baking together doing fun activities in the summer
    • Baking and cooking with your child is actually a great way to practice their fine-motor skills. You can pre-measure the ingredients, and work on pouring and mixing for some hand-eye coordination and arm strengthening.
  4. Make up a dance:
    • If your kids love to perform, encourage them to make up a dance to their favourite song! You can guide them by coming up with a few moves yourself and having them choose what order they go in. Bonus points for costumes and props!
  5. Yoga/Movement cardsYoga is a great way to stay active while also working on focus and attention. There are great games and cards that you can use to play with. Some of our favourites are Yogarilla, Yoga Spinner and Move Your Body Fun Deck Cards.

Keeping your kids’ active no matter the weather can support their development and learning. Try some of these activities when you’re stuck indoors!


An image of Jennifer Halfin, a physiotherapist at Children Support Solutions

By: Jennifer Halfin

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