LiteGate at Children Support Solutions

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Over the last few months, Children Support Solutions has welcomed the LiteGait partial weight bearing therapy support system to our clinic in Toronto.

Occuptational Therapist Ashley Cooper testing out the LiteGait

Along with a slow-paced treadmill, the LiteGait serves as a harness system which supports the child and decreases the amount of weight they have to support while practicing walking. This allows the child to walk either on their own or with a therapist assisting their steps, all while their posture is supported by the LiteGait.

The LiteGait then lets the therapist and the child work on endurance, coordination, and posture, and allows them to increase the weight they can bear gradually.

This device can also be used without the treadmill, enabling the child to practice skills such as throwing, kicking, catching, and other standing activities which require balance and stability.

 “I really like working with the LiteGait and treadmill. After using the treadmill, Safwan became more interested in using his walker at home. I’ve noticed a big difference. His steps are much better,” says Aysha, the mother of Children Support Solutions client Safwan, five.

For more information, contact a Child and Family Advisor to set up an appointment.

An image of Jennifer Halfin, a physiotherapist at Children Support Solutions

By: Jennifer Halfin

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