Milestone guide

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My name is Jennifer HalfinAn image of Jennifer Halfin, a physiotherapist at Children Support Solutions

I am a mom of two young boys ages 3 and a half and 20 months.  I’m also a pediatric physiotherapist with a love for all things development.

On both a personal and professional level, I often get questions from parents about motor milestones – when their babies should be doing certain things, and how they can help them get there.

It’s important to remember though – EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT. That means that every child develops at their own pace, and this is why we have ranges for when these skills are achieved.

Motor development chart

Let the below motor development chart guide you as you watch your child grow.  Encourage them to try and do some of the items listed. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to speak with your doctor or a pediatric physiotherapist.

Age Motor Milestones
0-3 months
    • Head control develops
    • Raises head slightly when on stomach
    • Turns head to see or hear something when on back
    • Examines own hands
    • Begins hands to mouth
    • Begins to reach for objects
    • Kicks legs when lying on back
3-6 months
    • Brings hands together at midline
    • Lifts head and chest when lying on stomach, propping on forearms and then hands
    • Actively moves arms to reach object
    • Grasps objects voluntarily
    • Plays with own hands and feet
    • Transfers toy hand to hand
    • Rolling front to back and back to front
    • Propped (tripod) sitting/independent sitting emerging
6-9 months
    • Independent sitting
    • Reaches for objects when on stomach
    • Pushes up on to hands when on stomach
    • Transfers toys hand to hand
    • Pulls self forward on belly
    • Goes into sitting position independently
    • Creeps on hands and knees
    • Transitions into different positions: sitting, all fours, lying on tummy
    • Bears weight through lets when standing with support
9-12 months
    • Crawling/mode of locomotion develops further
    • Attempts to/begins to pull to stand
    • Walk while holding onto furniture (cruising)
    • Rolls a ball when copying an adult
    • Shakes a rattle
    • Stands briefly without support
    • Begins to point at objects, isolating index finger
    • May walk with support
    • May begin to take steps
    • Rakes small objects with fingers to grasp
12-18 months
    • Able to assume high kneeling
    • Able to stand without support
    • Crawls up stairs or walks up one step at a time with support
    • Begins to use pincer grasp
    • Turns pages in a book
    • Walks with wide base of support
    • May begin to run/walk fast
    • Ball skills emerging- may push/roll/attempt to kickball

Jennifer Halfin is also running a Milestones & Me group for children aged 3 – 12 months. To learn how you can benefit from Jennifer’s expertise, click here!


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