Preparing for routine changes

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Preparing for routine changesPreparing for routine changes

5 W’s to a smooth routine change

Change itself is one of the only things we cannot change. That being said, one of the most difficult things to prepare a child for is change. Whether it be changing schools, or changing a routine it is bound to be difficult. As parents, we have a responsibility to make this change as smooth as possible. Children thrive on routines and when a routine change is going to take place, they need to be prepared. Here is a way to use the five Ws to help with this transition:

Who: The child(ren) and the parent(s).

What: By explaining to the child what is going to happen as opposed to simply informing the child that they are going to be doing something different can allow for the child to have some time to process what they are being told, as well as have time to ask questions about the change that the child is going to experience.

Where: A good place to have this conversation, would be somewhere that the child is comfortable, for example, their bedroom, or the couch in the living room. Ultimately you want a place that the child feels safe, and is able to open up about the change being explained to them.

Why: While explaining this new change to your child, it would be a good idea to tell them why the change is happening. You want a decent and simple explanation as opposed to just a “because I said so” answer. Giving them the full details in an honest way can allow for your child to be more accepting and more willing to talk about it.

When: Picking a time to have this conversation is probably the most difficult to figure out. You want to make sure that your child is in a good mood and seems to be receptive to what you have to say to them about the changes you want to make in their routine. You could also talk to them before or after they’ve gone through that routine for the day.

Although the changes around us are inevitable children are most adaptable when they are included and their opinion is valued. By using the five Ws technique you allow for the child to be fully informed. Therefore encouraging a more positive and successful routine change.

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