What do Educational Consultants do?

Educational Consultants work to help students become successful learners by providing general
consultation around all areas of social emotional and academic concerns pertaining to your child’s
success at school. This includes but is not limited to: conducting standardized assessments, creating
Individual Education Plans, providing support at the school level to implement these plans, creating
social-emotional support plans, school selection and placement support, IPRC guidance and support, specialized equipment recommendations and advocacy in all areas related to education and your child’s achievement.

We collaborate with families to address their concerns and help create an individualized blueprint for their child’s future success.

We use a whole child approach when we work with families and students. That means we focus on
academic, social and emotional areas of need and areas of strength equally. By doing so, we are able to
develop the best possible plan for student success and achievement.
Let us partner with you to develop an academic, social and emotional profile of your child, so they may
begin to become learners today.

Who can benefit from working with an Educational Consultant?

ALL STUDENTS can benefit from using our services. Every student in every school should be welcomed and included within the most enabling learning environment possible. Our goal is to ensure that is
happening for your child in their school environment. Using the most current up to date resources, assessments, achievement data, reports and Individual Education Plans we will work to ensure your child’s academic, social and emotional needs are being met. We will provide you with the information you need to be sure that your child receives a meaningful education. Our services are customized to reflect a client centered approach and include:

We use the most current standardized assessment materials to ensure relevant, reliable and valid results.
We use this information for education planning by creating achievable recommendations to improve student success and achievement based on accurate and current results and data. We also use this data to create accommodations and modifications specific to your child’s learning profile that are based on expectations outlined by the Ministry of Education.

We are experts in finding appropriate schools in both the
private and public sectors for our clients. We have relationships with many private schools and can assist with making recommendations, arranging tours and with all aspects of the application process. We have created a Needs Assessment tool that simplifies the often overwhelming process of school selection. The results help to edit the school choice options. We present you with school choice options that best match the academic, social and emotional needs of your child while meeting criteria that is specific for your family.

School selection recommendations and referrals:

  • We have developed a Needs Assessment tool that we use to determine the best academic, social and emotional school placement for your child.
  • We do not prefer private over public school – we look for the best possible match for your child.
  • We have established working relationships with many of the private schools, lead panel discussions about Private School choices at school expos and have worked with many administrative teams in both the TDSB and the YRDSB, so we are able to provide experienced and informed recommendations.
  • We can make recommendations for specialized programs within local school boards. We are very familiar with programs that address special education, alternative education, attendance concerns and arts based, sports and gender specific/neutral programs within the YRDSB and the TDSB.
  • We provide transition planning (i.e., from elementary to high school, high school to post-secondary) and Optional Attendance Applications and Guidance.
  • We conduct relocation research and assistance (provide school options in the public and private sectors) in the GTA

An Individual Education Plan is an Individualized written plan describing the program and/or services required by a student. It is a legal document that describes what a student needs in order to be successful in any learning environment. We guide the process of creating this document by selecting appropriate academic accommodations/modifications that are strength based while ensuring all socio-emotional needs are identified.

We also review IEP’s that are already in place. This ensures that the IEP clearly aligns with the information provided by the standardized assessment tools and achievement data.

We can attend in school meetings. This might include an informal teacher meeting, a school based team meeting or a more formal IPRC (Identification, Placement and Review Committee) meeting. Given the vast
array of supports/resources/specialized equipment, Ministry of Education software, understanding the
language of education and the many acronyms and the individual rights every student in Ontario is entitled to – many of our clients ask to have representation at school team meetings to advocate on their behalf.

How does LifeWorks use educational consulting?

Our educational consultants work with clients of all ages and abilities and collaborate with an interdisciplinary team to develop an education plan and ensure that all developmental needs are being met.

Children’s Support by LifeWorks is family-centred and interdisciplinary. This means that we always start with the questions,

“What will work for this child?” and “What is right for the family?” If educational consulting is deemed to be useful, then the educator will propose a plan.

However, we do not think solely in terms of educational consulting; we think about the mix of therapies and education that will help the child. In the LifeWorks model, therapists and educators are not just under one roof; they plan together, train together and work together on a client file. It is an integrated approach to helping the family.

How are educational consultants trained?

Educational Consultants are certified by the Ontario College of Teachers. They have advanced degrees in Special Education, and employ theories of practice in specific methodologies.

Online Special Education now available

Your child can participate in 1:1 therapy, live with their educator from a computer or tablet. You will have unprecedented access to your child’s learning and progress. It is suitable and effective for a wide range of challenges.

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