Ready, Set, Print!

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To learn more about the 4-6 age group, click here.

To learn more about the 5-7 age group, click here.

Ready, Set, Print is a small group based program that focuses on developing the underlying skills for writing, including pencil grasp, fine motor skills, visual motor skills, spatial skills and motor planning. The program utilizes the evidence-based printing program from Handwriting without Tears to further develop written output skills. Ready, Set Print uses a multisensory approach including the use of manipulatives to help children develop their writing skills.  Research has shown that using hands-on instruction materials which allow children to touch, feel and manipulate objects as they learn is essential for learning and developing skills in writing.

Activities Include:

  • Development, refinement and/or correction of pencil grasp
  • Direct printing instruction using a variety of multisensory teaching methods
  • Fine motor activities to promote the development of hand skills, with a focus on in-hand manipulation and dexterity
  • Hand and finger strengthening, motor planning and motor control
  • Gross motor activities to support the development of fine motor skills, with a focus on upper extremity and core/postural strength.
  • Activities aimed at improving visual motor skills

If your child is having difficulties with any of the below this group may be helpful:

  • Challenges maintaining age-appropriate pencil grip
  • Challenges with letter formation
  • Challenges with letter sizing, placement or positioning
  • Letter reversals
  • Poor hand/finger strength
  • Challenges with pencil pressure (pressing too hard or light)

Ages: 4-8

Location: Toronto, Ontario

This group will be run by Occupational Therapists, Ashley Rego and Laura Goldenberg who are both trained in the Handwriting Without Tears Program 

Ashley Rego

Occupational Therapist Laura Goldenberg

Laura Goldenberg


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