Saturday speech appointments now available!

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Saturday Speech Appointments

We aim to meet your needs – with clinical excellence and convenient appointment times. Many of our clinics now offer Speech-Language Pathology appointments on Saturdays.
If your child could benefit from working with a speech-language pathologist and Saturdays are the most convenient for you – call us at 1-866-653-2397 or send us an online inquiry to book an appointment.

Starting on February 1st in Ontario, we will have additional appointments available on Sundays as well.

Speech-language pathology is often covered under extended health benefits. Check your plan for details. Ready to book your appointment? Contact us today at 1-866-653-2397 or online.

What does a speech-language pathologist do?

Speech-language pathologists (SLP) use a variety of techniques to improve a child’s ability to communicate. An SLP works with a child, one-on-one or in a group, using activities and exercises targeted to their specific needs. The therapist can use, for example, picture-based exercises, basic sign language, apps on a tablet or naturalistic activities including pretend play to facilitate conversation.

Read more about speech-language pathology.

We understand you want fast access to information and services. To get started, complete our Request More Informationform online here or call 1.866.653.2397. One of our friendly team members will be happy to help you.

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