Our support solutions for schools can help you, help your students

For over 15 years, Children’s Support has worked with families, private, independent and public schools, and childcare centres to identify children’s needs and help them reach their potential.

Our interprofessional team provides early intervention services vital to development and educational progress. Our teams are composed of experts in development, behaviour and education.

Quick and efficient interventions focus on improving the child’s access to the curriculum. Our interventions address communication, behaviour, social, motor skills, sensory processing and academic skills.

We help you improve outcomes by:

  • Assessing the special education needs of your organization and make recommendations suited to your specific needs
  • Conducting individual multidisciplinary analyses for complex cases
  • Providing training tailored to your staff’s needs
  • Supporting your team during training period

What makes us effective is our:

  • Evidence based assessment and intervention practices
  • Qualified professional team members
  • Best practice early intervention services designed for optimal development and academic outcomes
  • Collaborative approach to screening, assessment, and intervention; working closely with families and educators

Our School Support Solutions

Screening, assessments and interventions of children ages 0-25

Multidisciplinary Assistance Program (MAP)

Unique to Children’s Support, the MAP concept has been created to provide efficient and effective multidisciplinary professional support to meet the needs of school administrators and educators with expert advise in the areas of development, behaviour and academics.


Screening allows to identify efficiently the need for further evaluation in all developmental areas such as Language, Motor Skills, Academic Core Areas, behaviour, and social-emotional. They are conducted in collaboration with families, educators and other professionals on the team.

Technology tools program

Some students benefit from the use of technology to assist them in accessing curriculum. Through our program, Become a Super User, students will benefit from our hands-on guidance.

E-Special Education

We use advanced technology to serve our clients. This new service allows parents and children to access interactive, academically relevant lessons and track progress from the comfort of their homes.

E-Speech-Language Therapy

Technology allows us to offer individual Speech-Language Therapy lessons online, freeing families from the time constraints and inconvenience of long commutes.

Strategic high school preparation

With the guidance of Special Educator, students transitioning into high school are taught specific strategies to alleviate the stress of a new academic and social environment. In small group setting, they learn various organizational and time management strategies, and techniques for stress management.

Educator training and workshops

Programs for school administrators and educators promote knowledge acquisition, skills and relevant intervention support. Each program is tailored to the needs of the participants.


  • Academic Skills Development, e.g. Reading and writing
  • Language Development, e.g. Comprehension and expression
  • Group Management/Communication, e.g. Group Dynamics, Interprofessional
  • Communication, Communication with Parents
  • Problem Solving
  • Study Skills
  • Behaviour Management or Stress Management, e.g. Motivation workshop
  • Support Measures and Intervention Plans
  • Bullying prevention and intervention

Educator training and workshops can also be delivered to parents.