Social anxiety: How to help kids who won’t join in

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This free webinar is hosted by Dr. Samuel Siah, a clinical psychologist at Children’s Support Solutions who specializes in assessing, diagnosing and treating a variety of mental health and learning difficulties in children and youth. It will give a brief overview of social anxiety, including common signs and symptoms, different diagnoses, a common therapeutic approach (cognitive behavioural therapy), some tips for managing anxiety at home and when to seek out professional support. At the end there will be some time to “ask a psychologist” about any questions that you may have regarding social anxiety, or other related mental health concerns.

Learning objectives of the webinar

  • Understanding what social anxiety is
  • Identifying common symptoms of social anxiety in children across the developmental spectrum
  • Some common therapeutic approaches to treating children with social anxiety
  • How to help your children learn coping strategies and what you can do as a parent in responding to your child’s anxiety
  • When to seek professional help

About your presenter:

Dr. Samuel Siah, Licensed Child & Youth Psychologist who works with children and youth aged 6-18. Dr. Siah has particular expertise with Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnostic assessments. He has a passion for identifying, managing and treating learning and mental health challenges that affect children and youth’s ability to learn, manage their emotions and thrive.

Dr. Siah enjoys consulting and collaborating with other clinicians as well as school staff that are involved in supporting individuals and their families. As well as in-person psychological interventions, he is also actively involved in online therapy and learning (also known as tele-counselling) at Morneau Shepell.

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