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Girl toddler with motor delays

Slow at first to start walking

I was so worried because my daughter wasn’t walking yet. I was going to play groups and it seemed like all the other kids her age were walking – so why wasn’t my daughter? People kept telling me that she would catch up but I wanted to be proactive.

I met with a Physiotherapist who did an assessment which determined my daughter was a little behind in her motor skills. At our weekly sessions, I learned things I could do at home to help my daughter. Some things were as easy as putting her toys on the couch so she would need to pull to stand to reach them. Over the next few months as my daughter made gains our physiotherapists showed us more ways to help her.

We couldn’t have been more excited when she took her first step. One step turned into many and now we can’t stop her. We were happy we could use our extended health benefits to pay for her therapy and parent coaching.

-Mom of young girl 

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9 year old Boy with ADHD

Helping our son become more focused and confident

My son was diagnosed with ADHD and was really struggling at school. His teachers were reporting that he was having a hard time paying attention during lessons which was leading to behaviour challenges. I knew we needed support.

We worked with an Occupational Therapist who was supportive and positive and understood our son. She was able to go into the classroom and identify strategies that would support him. In addition we worked with her on a weekly basis to teach him strategies he could do himself. It was great to see him in therapy playing in a gym with swings and a trampoline feeling confident.

It took time but he learned strategies to support him to attend and focus. We worked with the school to support him using these strategies in the classroom. He’s having much more success in the classroom and is more confident.

-Mom of nine year old boy

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