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Girl toddler with motor delays

Slow at first to start walking

I was so worried because my daughter wasn’t walking yet. I was going to play groups and it seemed like all the other kids her age were walking – so why wasn’t my daughter? People kept telling me that she would catch up but I wanted to be proactive.

I met with a Physiotherapist who did an assessment which determined my daughter was a little behind in her motor skills. At our weekly sessions, I learned things I could do at home to help my daughter. Some things were as easy as putting her toys on the couch so she would need to pull to stand to reach them. Over the next few months as my daughter made gains our physiotherapists showed us more ways to help her.

We couldn’t have been more excited when she took her first step. One step turned into many and now we can’t stop her. We were happy we could use our extended health benefits to pay for her therapy and parent coaching.

-Mom of young girl

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Boy 2.5 years with Autism

Finding integrated services for our son with Autism

We were devastated when our son was diagnosed with Autism. We were connected with some great community resources but unfortunately we found ourselves on a lot of waitlists. We had heard that early intervention was key and wanted to get started right away.

We had been working with a Speech-language pathologist and were happy to learn that Children’s Support Solutions also offered Behaviour Therapy as part of their integrated services. We met with our team to create a plan that would best work for our family. They understood that our family is busy with my husband and I both working nearly full-time. We were able to coordinate a therapy program at our son’s daycare and at the clinic. We were relieved because we were worried about pulling him from the daycare he was at since he was a year old. Our speech therapists, who knew our son, worked with his new team members to integrate his therapy goals.

We are relieved to have a great early intervention program in place for our son and that we can continue the same program once his Intensive Behaviour Intervention (IBI) funding – through the Direct Funding Option (DFO) – comes through.

-Mom of two and half year old boy with Autism

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Boy 24 months with Speech delay

Our son didn’t have the vocabulary that our other child had at his age

My wife and I were worried about our son’s speech development. It seemed his sister was using more words when she was his age.

We wanted to help him to be as successful as he could be. Our doctor was concerned he might have a speech-language delay so we met with a Speech-language Pathologist. It was a relief to see how quickly she built a rapport with him and how responsive he was to her – our son typically takes a bit of time to warm up to people. She also asked us lots of questions about how he communicates at home. We were surprised when she explained how many communication skills he currently has and how we could build on them.

She worked with him weekly and we attended sessions to learn what we could do at home. It was incredible how a few little changes could help our son’s language development to blossom.

-Dad of son aged 24 months

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9 year old Boy with ADHD

Helping our son become more focused and confident

My son was diagnosed with ADHD and was really struggling at school. His teachers were reporting that he was having a hard time paying attention during lessons which was leading to behaviour challenges. I knew we needed support.

We worked with an Occupational Therapist who was supportive and positive and understood our son. She was able to go into the classroom and identify strategies that would support him. In addition we worked with her on a weekly basis to teach him strategies he could do himself. It was great to see him in therapy playing in a gym with swings and a trampoline feeling confident.

It took time but he learned strategies to support him to attend and focus. We worked with the school to support him using these strategies in the classroom. He’s having much more success in the classroom and is more confident.

-Mom of nine year old boy

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