Summer time learning and therapy specials

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Summertime Block Hours

Summer time learning and therapy specials

Already a Children’s Support Solutions customer in Quebec or planning to become one? Enjoy our blocks of therapy hours at special rates for the summer, at our Quebec clinics only. For use from June 15 to September 15 and save 10% to 25 % depending on the package chosen. Register now!

Summer is a good time to review academic concepts to intensify interventions in any discipline whether remedial education, speech therapy or psychoeducation. Our flexible hours allow us to accommodate your holiday and your summer schedule. Call now to reserve your summer block of hours.

Summertime Block Hours

Did you know that teachers report that by the time September rolls around, most students have forgotten a good deal of what they learned the previous year?

Summertime interventions provide the basis for frequent revisions to help students retain what they’ve learned and reduce the risk of summer learning loss.

In fact, revisions performed on a weekly or other regular schedule could halt the regression experienced by students, particularly those who are at risk of academic failure or have a learning disability.

Individual sessions are a personalized way to build upon and reinforce previously learned information, thus considerably lessening the anxiety these kids feel when heading back to school.

There’s no better way to kick off the new school year!

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