Child development professionals

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Educational Consultants Ann and Karen Wolff at Children Support SOlutions

Ann and Karen Wolff

Educational Consultants

Ann and Karen Wolff are Educational Consultants with over 25 years of experience working in the public school system. They both have a background in Special Education and have educated children throughout the TDSB and the YRDSB in grades K-12.

Ann and Karen are educational consultants who specialize in finding school placement options in both the private and public school sectors across the GTA. They have developed a needs assessment that addresses the whole child factoring in academic, social and emotional areas of strength and the need to determine all facets of educational programming and planning.

Other services that they provide include: academic assessments, Individual Education Plan (IEP) reviews, IPRC and transition planning support.

Ann and Karen observe students in class and attend school meetings where feasible. This can be invaluable and enables them to translate recommendations deriving from psychological reports and assessment data and into meaningful language that educators can use to work with children in schools.

Ann and Karen truly partner with students and their families to address concerns and create an individualized blueprint for future success and achievement.