Child development professionals

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Shauna Markowitz

Supervisor, Behaviour Therapy and Clinical Supervisor

Shauna Markowitz, M.ADS, BCBA, has ten years’ experience working with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). She earned a Masters of Applied Disability Studies with a specialization in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) at Brock University in 2010. She became a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) in October, 2010. She earned a B.Sc. in Psychology at the University of Western Ontario in 2005.

Shauna has experience helping children with different abilities but her main focus is on ASD.

Shauna uses ABA to help learners acquire new skills such as language acquisition, conversation skills, life skills, academics, and social skills. She believes that with ABA there is no “one size fits all” form of treatment. She customizes each intervention based on the learner’s skill set, needs, preferences, interests and family situation. Shauna has seen how early intervention and intensive treatment can lead to great outcomes.

Being a Behaviour Therapist allows Shauna to combine her passion for the profession with her compassion for children and their families. Helping comes naturally to Shauna; both her father and sister are in helping careers and so it is no surprise to see her follow in that tradition.