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Motor Delay

What is it?

Motor Delay refers to children showing unusually slow development of fine-motor or gross-motor abilities. Fine motor abilities include things like grasping a pencil or handling a spoon. Gross-motor abilities include things like walking, hoping and climbing stairs.

What causes them?

Any condition that affects how the brain sends signals to the muscles can cause it.

Treatment considerations

Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy are the main methods for treatment.

Developmental considerations

Motor Delays may just be one component of a more complex condition. It is important to keep in mind the whole patient and all their need and goals.

Looking down the road

Children with severe Motor Delays may need some lifelong support. But kids with mild Motor Delays can learn to move effectively and catch up with their peers. Even where the Motor Delay are fairly serious children can adapt and become able to lead independent lives.


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