Project ImPACT

In partnership with Monarch House, Project ImPACT is an evidence- based coaching program for parents/caregivers of young children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related social communication delays. Through group based instructional sessions and hands on individual training sessions, parents/ caregivers will learn strategies to help their child develop social, communication, imitation, and play skills

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2020 CSS Therapy Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again! Time to scour the stores (or websites) to search for the perfect holiday gifts for your child. When choosing a toy, the most important thing to consider is how your child will engage with it. Ideally, the toy should encourage your child to actively participate in what makes

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Fall Sensory Activities

Fall is here and with it comes a completely new world of sensory experiences for you and your family to enjoy! With the warm weather ending, you may be wondering how you will fill all that time spent swinging at the park, digging in the sandbox or bounding through the splash pad. With all the

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Preventing challenging behaviours

As parents, preventative strategies are a good start to tackling your child’s challenging behaviours. In this article, you’ll find tips on how to help your child control their own behaviour. 1. Warnings Warnings give a child the understanding that a preferred activity is ending – for example, “TV time will be finished in 5 minutes.”

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Exam Preparation

Regardless of grade level, exams are an integral part of the academic calendar.  As parents, helping our children prepare for all of these assessments can be a challenge. These few strategies will help you optimize these study periods. Make a schedule: Exam dates are usually given in advance. To help you not forget these dates,

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A day in the life of Autism

Who we are We are the proud parents of four beautiful boys: Thomas (11), George (10), Peter (7) and Charlie (5).  Our son Peter is autistic, which means that autism touches our whole family. Peter’s autism is a part of who he is, and that can mean so many things.  His behaviours can be exhausting,

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